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The Cost of Dental Implants in West Seneca

smiling older coupleIf you have made your way to this page, then it is probably fair to assume that you are interested in getting dental implants. Dentists and patients alike agree that they are the best possible solution to tooth loss, but before you get them, you likely have a very practical question, “What is the cost of dental implants in West Seneca?”

On average, the cost of a single dental implant can range from about $1,500 to $3,000. In truth, there is no set cost for dental implants, and the price can vary widely depending on a patient’s particular situation. What could make your implant procedure more or less expensive? Read on below to learn more about the 4 most important factors.

1. The Number of Implants Needed

smiling older womanAs you can imagine, a person who needs a single implant will pay less than one who needs three or four. More implants tend to make the placement procedure more complicated and involved, and this also requires the use of more materials. Fortunately, the doctors at Applegate Dental are able to work with our patients to help them achieve the best possible results using the least amount of implants.

2. The Need for an Outside Specialist

smiling older manMany dental practices need to refer patients to an outside oral surgeon in order to complete the surgical portion of the procedure, adding time and expense to the entire process. However, thanks to the team of doctors at Applegate Dental, we are able to provide all-inclusive implant care for our patients so they can get everything they need in-house, saving them both time and money.

3. The Need for Preparatory Procedures

happy older couple outsideTwo of the most basic requirements a patient needs in order to get implants is good dental health and a strong, thick jawbone that can be trusted to support the implant posts. If a patient has an ongoing dental problem (like gum disease), or if they require a bone graft to build up their jawbone, taking care of either issue will need to happen before implants can be placed, and this will add to the overall cost of the procedure. Fortunately, we can handle both right here at Applegate Dental.

4. Insurance Coverage

Many dental insurance plans classify dental implants as a purely cosmetic procedure, meaning they offer no coverage. However, some plans are now starting to offer implant benefits due to their growing popularity, plus there are a number of general health insurance plans that can be used to help offset the cost of the placement procedure.

When you choose to get dental implants in West Seneca with us, you will start by sitting down with one of our financial experts who will go over your different plans with you to determine the best way to help you save on your care.

What to Remember

While dental implants do indeed cost more upfront than traditional bridges and dentures, they are actually the most cost-effective tooth replacement available today. In addition to the natural appearance and increased function they provide, they can also be trusted to last for 30 years or more! By comparison, bridges and dentures typically need to be replaced about every seven to ten years.

We would love to give you a more definitive answer to your question, so we invite you to schedule an initial consultation here at Applegate Dental. You will get to meet your doctor, and after performing an oral exam and taking some X-rays, they will be able to go over the particulars of your dental implant process, including what you will be expected to pay.

If you would like to learn more about what can influence the cost of dental implants, or if you are ready to schedule your consultation, please contact us today.