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Dentistry for Seniors – West Seneca, NY

Caring for the Aging Smile


Many dental offices promise dentistry services that meet the needs of patients at any age. It’s important to keep in mind that during any stage of dental development, patients experience a unique range of oral health, behavioral, and whole-body health factors that affect the success of any dental treatment. This is especially true for our senior patients. Not only does our team have advanced training in those services that are geared toward seniors, we also have a better understanding of how age affects oral and overall health. We use our years of training and experience to guide senior patients to selecting the ideal treatments that preserve the maximum amount of dental tissue, take into consideration their specific health care needs, and safely and effectively deliver the results patients desire through dentistry for seniors in West Seneca, NY.

Why Choose Applegate Dental for Seniors Dentistry?

  • Implant-Retained Dentures Available
  • Experienced and Empathetic Team
  • Variety of In-House Dental Services

Dental Health for Seniors

Older woman with healthy smile after senior dentistry

As we age, a number of oral health concerns may arise. As is true at any stage in dental development, it’s important to know the warning signs and risk factors of these age-specific oral health issues including:

  • Dental discoloration – as the enamel wears from teeth, the darker underlying dentin layer is revealed giving teeth the appearance of being darker.
  • Dry mouth – aging increases the risk for dry mouth especially for those patients who are taking a number of over the counter and prescription medications. Dry mouth increases the risk for tooth decay and gum disease as there is not an adequate amount of saliva to neutralize acidic plaque.
  • Tooth loss – increased risk for gum disease and tooth decay means senior patients are also more likely to lose teeth.
  • Thrush and stomatitis – these are infections caused by fungal buildup. They are especially common among denture wearers.

Whatever your age or oral health, the team at Applegate Dental can help you develop a treatment plan that meets your unique oral health goals and needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.