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Teeth Whitening – West Seneca, NY

Whiter Teeth, Brighter Smile

man smiling after teeth whitening in West Seneca

Are you an avid coffee drinker? Do you love chocolate or red wine? These little indulgences may get you through the day or a hard week, but they can have a lasting impact on the appearance of your smile over time. Certain medications, genetics, and age can also leave your smile less radiant than before. But you don’t have to feel self-conscious about the way your teeth look. Here at Applegate Dental, we offer treatment that can turn back the clock and have your beautiful teeth shining like new!

Teeth Whitening Options

woman smiling with white teeth

Our West Seneca practice offers two methods of whitening your teeth. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but either way you choose, you’re bound to love the results. When you come in for your appointment, we can help you determine which option would best meet your needs and preferences.

In-Office Whitening

Did you know that you can brighten your teeth by as many as 10 within one hour? Just one appointment at our practice could take away years of stains from your teeth, meaning that you can walk out with your newly revitalized smile!

Take-Home Whitening

Although the process of take-home whitening is similar to that of store-bought whitening strips, our professional kits are significantly better than anything you find on your own. Not only is the gel more powerful, but the trays are custom fabricated to your smile, so all the surfaces of your teeth are covered evenly.

Common Teeth Whitening Questions 

woman smiling and looking in the mirror

Although the whitening process is pretty simple, you may have questions before you begin treatment. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get and our responses to them. If you have other questions not explored here, we invite you to reach out to our team.

How long does teeth whitening last?

It depends. If you brush and floss your teeth every day and come to Applegate Dental every six months for a cleaning, you can get rid of surface stains that may come up. Also, avoiding teeth-staining drinks and foods can help you retain the results for much longer. Typically, teeth whitening lasts for a few years before teeth start to show discoloration again. Keep in mind that if you don’t properly care for your teeth or you ingest deeply pigmented foods and drinks, your results might not last as long.

Will I need to bleach my teeth for the rest of my life?

Unfortunately, teeth whitening treatment doesn’t last forever. After three or four years, you’ll likely start to notice that your teeth don’t appear quite as bright. At that point, you may just need a touchup. We can provide a small take-home kit so that you can quickly restore your teeth to a sparkling white shade as needed. That way, you get to enjoy stunning results for years to come!